Comments from our Customer Survey

We are most grateful for the many lovely and encouraging comments we received in response to the “What do we do well?” question in our summer 2021 customer survey.  Here are just a selection …

“Everything. Lovely selection of fruit and veg, meat, pastries, beer & wine, newspapers. Now add in the café, the cakes & refreshments and no wonder it’s so popular. The location and décor is nice too.”

“You do everything well! The service is marvellous. The shop is well stocked. The staff are charming & friendly. The PO is a godsend for your older customers.”

“Great variety, great fresh products, alcohol, love that there are little gifts.”

“Friendly service, Clean store, Good range of products, Great coffee machine and in store bakery, Prescription service is so helpful, Very polite & helpful staff, non intimidating.”

“Service to our villages, excellent products and improving all the time. No need to go to gigantic supermarket as you stock most things. Perfect in every way. Post Office well run and banking facilities.”

“Range of products. Quality of coffee. Cakes. Fresh Veg. Saturday young helpers.”

“Opening times, customer service, vast product range and special displays.”

“Great staff, good product range for a small shop. Executed well, congratulations!”

“Good range. Excellent opening hours.”

“Many, many things are done well, thank you!”

“This is a tremendous enterprise – congratulations!”

“Really good range of products including basics so I can usually find everything I need. Love the fresh bakery items. Post office service is very good.”

From the Archive

The difficult times of the Coronavirus outbreak have presented challenging operating conditions for our staff, volunteers and customers. We are therefore immensely grateful for the following messages of support we have received in the last few days, in response to our latest shareholder update …

“Thank you for sending me your wonderful news. It is great that the shop has become so useful to the people in your neighbourhood and further afield with your delivery service. Congratulations to your shop manager and staff.”

“Congratulations and a huge thank you to all involved.”

“You guys are superhuman and total saviours of our village and the surrounding area! We will all be forever grateful for everything you’ve done during this time. Thank you so so much, from the xxxxx family.”

“CVS has been a joy throughout this Covid-19 crisis, the selection and quality on offer has been truly remarkable, not to mention the friendly faces, and it brings to mind one of Noel Coward’s great quotes – ‘Despite all I intend to travel through life first class’ !”

“Congratulations everyone, this is wonderful news and simply brilliant for our community. We have been reliant on the efforts of your whole team, particularly as our two boys seem to inhale food at the moment and without the CVS we frankly would have been scratching around for items all over….”

“Without the tireless work of Lucy, Emma, Gary and all the team we would have been in a much less cheery situation during grave times. The xxxxx family thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.”

“Thank you to everyone at CVS – we are so grateful that you have cheerfully kept our fantastic, vital shop and post office open during the coronavirus crisis and that you continue to help the community despite the social distancing fears.”