Canterton Stores in Preston Candover has long been the only village shop within the valley but for many years has not been a profitable venture for its owners. Rob and Jane Marks bought the shop along with their house in 2009 and have worked hard to keep it open but at some financial cost to them. In 2013 they made the difficult decision to inform the community that the shop was no longer viable and that they would be closing it. Appreciating its value as an asset to the area, Rob and Jane very kindly agreed to keep the shop open if it could be established that there was interest in setting up a community run store.

To this end, in 2013 Preston Candover Parish Council distributed a survey to valley households to establish whether the community would make use of such an outlet. Six hundred questionnaires were sent out and nearly two hundred replied which is a satisfactory return, giving confidence to the data. The results of this survey were presented at a public meeting and showed that 56% of residents felt it was extremely important for the valley to have a shop and that 32% would use it on a weekly basis with a further 35% stating they would use it occasionally. Several more meetings followed including a useful and inspiring meeting with the Plunkett Foundation* ( at which 9 people got serious and formed a committee to take things further.

Committee members Bob Wood (Chairman), Clare Armstrong, Jane Ballard, Carolyn Dawnay, Alison Ellett, Sarah Saunders, Denise Waite (joint Treasurer), Claire Willmott and Nevil Wilson (joint Treasurer) met for the first time in January 2014 with the hope of taking this exciting project forward to become a reality. (Please see the About us page for an up to date list of members of the committee.)

After that, several members went on a study tour visiting three community stores (Milland, Kirdford and Lodworth). Seeing the community stores in action was hugely motivating with headline figures to encourage all that this is a worthwhile venture.

In July 2014, the committee presented its vision for the Candover Valley Community Store to members of the Valley’s Parish Councils and was hugely encouraged by the support and enthusiasm they showed. The business plan was also reviewed by the Plunkett Foundation* and a member of the Cooperative Bank and we are pleased to say they didn’t have much use for their red pens.

In September 2015, a public exhibition was held to present the plans for the store to the residents of the parish and the wider community. 

Following the public exhibition in 2015 the trustees of the village hall in Preston Candover offered the opportunity to house the new store in an extension of the village hall. The committee considered this in detail and accepted the offer. Plans and detailed costings for the extension were then drawn up but it became apparent that the costs involved in extending the village hall were escalating for both the CVCS committee and the village hall trustees, and the complications of building an extension to the village hall were too great to make the plan workable.

In January 2018 it was agreed that a stand-alone store could be sited alongside the village hall, on Preston Farm’s land and about 15 metres to the north of the hall.

Lord Sainsbury agreed to lease the necessary land and the village hall agreed to share the car park for customer parking and to allow pedestrian access to the new store.

Artist’s impression of the new store

During the summer and autumn of 2018 the Committee applied for grants from various funding bodies, and local residents subscribed to a share offer scheme, becoming members of the society. We are most grateful to the 250 individuals who demonstrated commitment to the project by purchasing shares.

Having reached our funding target, building work started in November 2018 and progressed remarkably smoothly, to the point where CPFM Construction handed over the completed building to the Committee in mid-May 2019. In parallel with the final stages of construction, a raft of volunteers worked tirelessly to decorate the new store inside and out and to install fixtures and fittings.

In April 2019, Garry Green was engaged as store manager and Emma Simpson as assistant store manager. In the run-up to the store opening, Garry and Emma spent much time sourcing products, setting up the ePOS system and stocking shelves.

At the same time, a small army of volunteers was being trained in all the aspects of running the store, from operating the till, to customer service, to safe lifting techniques.

At the time of writing, we’re in the final push to get everything ready and the store will be opening at 10am on 10th June 2019.

* The Plunkett Foundation is a national organisation supporting the development of community shops. It has over 300 community shops in its network so has plenty of experience to offer.