We’ve been delighted by the number of customers we’ve had in our first week and overwhelmed by the positive comments we’ve had from many of our visitors. After all the hard work by our committee and volunteers, we’ve made a remarkable start to our community project. Thanks to all the preparation there’s been hardly a glitch in our first few days of opening and takings have been even higher than we hoped for.

After the success of the first week, we hope that you keep coming to the shop on a regular basis, as we can only be a successful project if we receive your continuing support. And if you haven’t yet volunteered on either a regular or occasional basis, then please do consider it – start by taking a look at our volunteer page.

On a personal note – I’ve just had a coffee and cake sitting on the terrace at the back of the store, which acted as a great short interlude to the working day. I was amazed at how busy the store and coffee area were for a Monday morning – there was a real buzz to the place. Why not make it a regular part of your working week?